There is an art to a successful shared meal and this is particularly important when you are sharing your occasion with many guests:

Your guests need to feel comfortable with the food they are eating, it needs to be delicious and there needs to be plenty of it.

This is at the heart of Big Pot Kitchen catering 


Contact us for our a copy of our brochure and full menu. All dietary requirements can be catered for

Big Pot Dishes

 Big Pot meals are perfect for your daytime or evening celebration all dishes are cooked for you and your guests at your event

Brittany style cider potatoes with award winning, hand-made local pork

sausage, crusty bread, relishes and sauces


Chicken and chorizo stew, crusty bread and relishes



(better than paella! with chicken, chorizo and king prawns) crusty bread and relishes


Chicken Jalfrezi or Massaman curry with flatbread, chutney

 and raita


Big Pot Thai Green Curry spiced rice with chicken 

(a delicious one pot rice dish with Thai spices, coconut milk and chicken, served with relishes and flatbread)

Big Pot Moroccan spiced rice with chicken and merguez sausage

(A delicious one pot rice dish with warm north African spices and harissa served with relishes and flatbread)


Chilli con carne with tortilla, tomato and onion salsa and soured cream


Vegetarian/ Vegan meals

Brittany cider potatoes with vegetarian sausages, crusty bread, relishes and sauces


          Aubergine, butternut squash and chickpea curry with flatbread, tomato and red onion relish and raita


Three bean chilli with tortilla, tomato and red onion salsa and soured cream

Mediterranean vegetable and bean casserole with French bread, relishes and sauces

 Choose from our fresh salads to complement your meal: rustic rainbow 'slaw; dressed green salad; vine tomato and red onion salad; red cabbage and fennel pickled slaw; Persian tomato and cucumber salad


We also offer delicious canapes. sharing boards, grazing stations and dessert options, or are equally happy for you to organise your own

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jambalaya feasting platter
scones tea buffet
steaming big pot  (1)
onions big pot
trevor serving ashbarton
big pot of sausages
Big Pot Cooking
Our giant cauldrons are not like anything you have seen before - they are a metre wide and half a metre deep - and were specially made for us to cook delicious dishes for lots of people - each pot caters for between 75 and 250 guests - which shows how big they are!
Guests love to see their meal cooked for them from scratch and are tempted to the pot by the delicious aromas drifting towards them. Your guests will be served quickly and efficiently by the chef at the Big Pot and  they then select their breads, salads and sauces from a buffet. In this way we can serve 100 guests in 30 minutes. Big Pot cooking is a unique skill and we keep our business small and personal which means that we, the owners, will be there at your event - using our years of cooking and event experience (including catering for over 150 weddings and parties) to make your event special - and all with a friendly smile.
We cater for all dietary requirements including completely vegetarian or vegan celebrations 
New! Outside of our peak dates we are able to offer catering for smaller events and gatherings near to our base in North Devon
Ideal for family get togethers at home or your holiday home
Please contact us to see what we can do for you.

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